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there’s no getting around the need to balance your business and technology projects with resource limitations. traditional staffing firms can provide resources quickly, but a hasty process can often create more headaches and inefficiencies.

at onipaa inc , we understand the inherent fluctuations of project lifecycles and have built a flexible, affordable and effective approach to handling all of our clients needs. we strive to fully understand each client’s upcoming business and it initiatives and where we might be best leveraged to contribute to successful project completion. our team works proactively to showcase a solid-reliable bench of available, capable and experienced consultants to staff our clients’ upcoming projects. although it requires a significant screening of our staff , a proactive project staffing approach is the best way to secure the most desirable consultants in the market for our clients.

our clients support and appreciate this approach as it minimizes issues and provides a sense of accomplishment for everyone.



“i had the good fortunte to work with onipaa inc at huntington hospital as part of our efforts to redesign the hosiptal's fundraising website. from the start, i was highly impressed with their strong work ethic and ability to interpret our needs as a client. they did an excellent job of listening to what we had in mind and then taking our ideas and putting them into action. the website onipaa inc helped us to develop was excactly what we had in mind. even more importantly, i found them to be not only creative and very talented, but easy to work with. ceo/founder, kalani manuel's excellent interpersonal skills made him easy to talk to and he always responded in a very timely manner to whatever request that we had. i hope to have the chance to continue working with onipaa inc in the future.”

lia peterson
director, annual giving, huntington hosptial

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